Below you will find a list of trip reports of past EB5 tours. Since it is very time-consuming writing up all the reports this section unfortunately runs with a delay. This means that the number of reports is out of sync with the number of trips that have taken place. However, we do our best to provide trip reports of all EB5 travel and publish them as soon as possible. To compensate for this delay we always do a summary of the trip on the EB5 facebook page after the trip has finished. The summary consists of short text with some images to give a first impression about what was experienced and the observations that were made. Thank you for your understanding.


Report of a trip at Easter time  Easter Sunday 27 March, Bieszczady    The roar of the traffic dies down; the power of silence and vast nature landscapes take over when we arrive at our idyllic cabins around lunchtime. It gives a green minded person like myself a bond and energy that can only occur in

August 2014: North of Spain

  Trip Report by tour participant John Wright EB5 preamble: Our tours have already taken place several times to Northern Spain with both Iberian Wolf and Cantabrian Brown Bear being prime targets. In April 2013 we even managed to add Iberian Lynx to the aformentioned species while running an Ultimate Spain trip for a group

October 2014: India

INDIA – LADAKH OKTOBER 2014 – THIRD EB5 QUEST FOR THE MAGICAL SNOW LEOPARD From October 5-16, Karl Van Ginderdeuren lead a EB5 tour for nature enthusiasts who were eager to fly high: they wanted to see a snow leopard in the wild. Snow leopards are one of the most mysterious species on planet earth,

February 2015: Belarus

EB5’s first visit to Belarus in order to see Lynx was simply stunning. EB5’s catchphrase fits perfectly with the whole experience and the pictures we took: looking for enigmatic mammals in their natural surroundings. This was pure nature at its best. During our nine day visit we saw only four cars. Just like the Snow

Intro An intensive, sudden and pristine experience of Nordic nature, is what a group of Belgian nature lovers were after. For this, Europesbig5 focused on the vast and desolate area of Eastern Karelia. It showed us striking, rare mammals plus some very specific taiga bird species. It is difficult to choose ‘the best’ as all

Bieszczady, February 2013 – an atmospheric picture report Belgian youngsters playing hide-and-seek with Eurasian lynx Lynx day 1: we park the car in a remote valley and started our evening search. After a while the four of us were watching three roe deer when suddenly a barking sound (the typical alarm call of a roe