With Danny Green (supported by customers of his Danny Green Photography travel agency) on the schedule, Pieter-Jan, master brain behind our exclusive Svalbard tour, is going to lead his first international group next Easter on Svalbard. Given their outstanding photographic results of Polar Bears in previous years, he and Karl (another EB5 guide) will give

Just like last year, our stay in Poland over Easter this year was a big hit. Besides scoring Eurasian Lynx for the second year in a row we also had sightings of wolves and many bison. For those interested in the full report just check our report chapter. Our tailor made Bieszczady format has been

Iberian Lynx

Iberian Lynx 2016 – facts and figures of the latest monitoring About 404 (not less, probably more) Iberian Lynx are left in the wild on the Iberian peninsula. This figure is the result of the most recent monitoring (2015) on the total number of Lynx in Spain and Portugal. The two known populations remain in

New website online Due to several reasons it has taken us a while to get properly online again. But finally here we are with our new professionally designed website. Not everything is completely uploaded yet but that will happen over the next week or two. As soon as all content of our trips are available

Europe's Big 5 - Svalbard

Back stage a lot is happening in relation to several of our tours we offer – Spain, India, Poland, Belarus, Svalbard. Spain: Next September both David ‘Billy’ Herman and Jan are guiding in Spain for large carnivores. We, of course, are curious ourselves about what autumn will bring us there! How many Cantabrian brown bears

EB5 Viviane

A report on all five tours to Finland this year will be published on the Starling blog next month. Be prepared for a compilation of all the highlights! In the meanwhile have a look on our Facebook page where we have already loaded a compilation movie of the 2016 July tour. We had wolves and