EB5 offers a wealth of organized tours to observe Europe's big five: bear, wolf, lynx, wolverine and European bison. Recently also tours outside Europe took place for some other striking mammal species (Snow leopard, Bengal Tiger, Jaguar...) Besides the fact that some striking mammals always are the prime focus, also other wildlife specialties can get full attention and are mostly a part of all different itineraries.

In general the strategy we use the most is scanning from vantage points, focused on core areas to increase encounters related with target species in particular. Where available, necessary or required, also the use of hides & blinds, gypsy safaris and active walks, are other options to assure sightings.
Organized tours always focus on several main targets; giving them a dual nature and purpose. Besides several targets for every tour, efforts are made regarding logistics and catering. A nice bed, good meals and transportation are as important as good observations of the target(s). One can’t exist without the other and vice versa. All tours are well prepared in advance.

The group size is always related to the target and will never be larger than 6 to 8 people. Enjoying pristine nature and wildlife while feeling comfortable is actually the main goal of EB5.


Jan Kelchtermans

Founder EB5, First Guide

Jan Kelchtermans (KEJ) is a 38 year old Belgian teacher and founder of EB5.

Karl Van Ginderdeuren

First guide, Photographer

Karl Van Ginderdeuren is a 29 year old zoologist and EB5 follower of the first hour.

Kristof Goemaere

Guide assistant, Photographer, Researcher

After following a master in environmental engineering, Kristof works now as environmental & ecological consultant

Pieter-Jan D'Hondt

First guide, Photographer

Pieter-Jan D’Hondt (’91) will graduate as biologist in June 2014 with Ecology and Biodiversity as Major option

Simon Feys

Photographer, Translater / editor, Researcher

Simon Feys (32) started birding at about 14 years old, and quickly became fascinated by other animal groups such as butterflies, moth, dragonflies, and off course mammals.

Jan Gouwy

Guide assistant, Researcher

Observing animals in their natural environment has been Jan’s passion since his childhood. He works for carnivore researchprograms in Europe both as a professionel as well as a volunteer.